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I am Elaine Weber. Thanks for visiting Enviro Art Studio.

We Support 

Enviro Art Studio donates a percentage of sales to efforts which protect our environment. This year we support the planting of trees.  

​​Artist Statement


I am a communicator. Can art influence? Yes, no, maybe. My world (and yours) is rapidly changing environmentally, technologically, and socially.


Environmental changes on a local level (Sea Level Rising) and tumultuous weather throughout the US and world is the force that spirits my art. I am working on “Terra Incognita” a series designed to focus awareness on extreme weather and how it affects us mentally, spiritually, and biologically.

Social Causes is another compelling issue upon which I focus my art. There are so many important causes that I don't think I will ever run out of subject matter!


My process is one of discovery, how my thoughts, feelings, and data play out to reveal themselves. Play is important, I like looking at different stuff, moving bits of ideas, using collage, paint, mixed media, photography, anything and everything. The medium is not the message.



BFA Pratt Institute

Graphic/Branding: Elaine Weber Designs

Creative Purses:

Elaine Designs Purses

DNA: Mom was a hat designer and shop owner; brother is a photographer; grandfather was a housepainter, with an occasional mural.

Reside in South Florida; previously lived in NYC, DC, KY.

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